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Just a small (albeit growing) fraction at any age can write

Just a small (albeit growing) fraction at any age can write code and thereby create our own programs and procedures. Most of what we accomplish online is because of procedures which have been created by others, with their options delimited in several ways for various purposes. And so we encounter the paradox of action and limitation. The of instituting and implementing an iphone app is active; and yet the moves allowed by each are restricted to a greater or lesser extent (for paid apps, even access is restricted). It has been said that, in this respect, an iphone app appears like “a gated community. ”5 Constraints can either be constricting (in our terms, dictating an app-dependent frame of mind), constraining your options available, or they can constitute a challenge-asking us what we can accomplish, despite these constraints. Visit: http://dunia-tabletpc.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-laptop-bagus-dan-murah-terlengkap-2014.html

They can also stimulate us to manufacture a new application or even a new kind of application, thereby changing our environment so that it becomes app-enabling. (Ofcourse, even if we do create a new iphone app, Apple may not accept it into its Iphone app Store! )#) In Mumford’s terms, the issue is whether we will control the technologies or whether the technologies will control us.  Visit: http://dunia-tabletpc.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-harga-notebook-murah-2014-terlengkap.html

In Ellul’s terms, will applications reinforce the move toward the all-encompassing technological worldview, or will they launch new forms of expression and understanding? In McLuhan’s terms, are the apps simply the newest medium, with its characteristic sensory relation? Or do they constitute a nifty little blend of the product range of electronic and digital media and open up a new chapter of human psychological possibilities? Visit: http://infodunialaptop.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-harga-dan-spesifikasi-laptop-acer-terlengkap-2014.html


When we think of a child or an adult employing an iphone app, we shift our perspective from technology to psychology-from the equipment or the medium to the human users. In the beginning, babies are seen as an an ensemble of reflexes-sucking, looking, gripping, astonishing. But these reflexes are soon supplemented and eventually supplanted by a wide range of actions that reflect a congeries of factors: the maturation of the nervous system; the particular shape of the physical environment and the culture in which the child is growing; and the pattern of built-in and extrinsic rewards that attend these actions. We are the species par excellence of new experiences, new actions, and new reactions. And yet we could hardly advance beyond the reflex stage unless we were proficient at creating and, anytime you can, relying on new actions that change into long-term habits. Visit: http://infodunialaptop.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-laptop-murah-terbaik-2014-terlengkap.html

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